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All State Enterprise is a family owned business. Steve and Ruta, the owners of the company, have more than 20 years of experience in the trucking industry. Steve started as a driver in 2000. He became an Owner Operator and over the years he started adding trucks, eventually leading to All State Enterprise.

Ruta, Steve’s wife, helped him from the very beginning with dispatching, accounting, safety and compliance. 

Like all families our All State Enterprise family has grown over the years.  Experienced dispatchers and drivers contribute to the collective experience assuring a steady growth as well as an exceptional service to our clients.

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We are striving to create a platform of moral integrity as foundation for our business. This foundation facilitates the growth of long lasting relationships within industry.

This includes reliable transportation solutions. We take our integrity very seriously. As we say "Running On The Power Of Promises Kept" we stand by that at all times.

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